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About the winery

Zvonko Bogdan Winery started its way in 2008 when it headed for a clear aim to produce top-quality wines that bear the stamp of the region from which they come, by combining the specificity and tradition of Palic vineyards with the latest French technology.

Anchored in the sea of ​​its vineyards on the eastern shore of Lake Palic, in the north of Serbia, Winery was built in the Art Nouveau style, typical for the traditional architecture of Palic and the nearby town of Subotica.

A magnificent building of the Winery that clearly indicates the almost inevitable blend of wine and art is a decent refuge of more and more famous and recognized wine, and good host to all who wish to see and experience where and how it is born.

The Winery is named after a famous singer of old songs, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, whose art and the name are synonyms for one ultimate experience.

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Weddings and celebrations

This authentic venue attracts many to decide for Winery Zvonko Bogdan as a location for their special day, and to host their guests into one unique place.

Stunning view that overlooks vineyard will excite all the wine lovers, and make them remember that feeling for long time.

Event team of Winery Zvonko Bogdan tempts to create highly personalized service and according to that we take care of every piece of puzzle that is so important to our guests.


  • Banquet hall for 220 guests,
  • Club hall for 60 guests.

Corporate events

Organizing corporate event and meeting at the venue like Winery will fascinate all of your guests, business partners and employees. Combination of positive atmosphere, wine and tasty food guarantees business success and strengthens partnership.

Multifunctionallity of the place allows organization of corporate events, meetings, conferences, celebrations and other events.


  • Banquet hall for 220 guests,
  • Club hall for 60 guests,
  • Board room for 30 guests.

Lux lounge

For a true wine lovers we arranged corner that will fascinate them. “Lux lounge” can accommodate up to 12 guests. It is charming, elegant, welcoming place and guarantees privacy for all guests. “Lux lounge” is suitable for a management team meetings, or simply hedonists that seek for a premium wine and food experience. By stepping out on the balcony, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view that stretches over 17 ha of vineyards.

Gastro experience

The specials that we cook with true love and passion lean towards the international and Mediterranean cuisine, with the stamp of our Chefs. Specials abound of full taste, while pairing them with our wines surround the experience of visit to the Winery Zvonko Bogdan.